Ein Lokal mit langer Tradition! Ein atmosphärischer Gewölbekeller, zwei Säle, ein gemütlicher großer Barbereich – auf bis zu vier Floors gibt es täglich Konzerte, Theater, Sessions, DJs, Party und Chillout. Von der privaten Geburtstagsfeier bis zur großen Studentenparty ist hier alles möglich!


Wolfgang Bohusch was born 1985 in Vienna, Austria.

Bohusch decided to become photographer at the early age of 13. He began experimenting with old darkroom equipment of his grandmother and shooting with a 35mm camera.
After studying photography for 5 years at „die Graphische Wien“ he started working as freelance Production Manager, Location Scout and later Photographer, D.o.P and Director for advertising film production companies.

On extensive travels he is working on his personal projects. Street- photography in India, Miami or Tokyo, landscape and aerial photography in various places as well as fashion films, music videos in London or Paris.